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Anxiety & Depression
Lori-San Francisco, CA


Anxiety & Pain
Flor-Sunnyvale, CA

Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety & Depression
Jackie-San Jose, CA

Anxiety Hypnosis

Panic Attacks
Jose-San Jose, CA


Anxiety attacks
Amanda-Fremont, CA


Sports Improvement
Jason-Dunford Palo Alto, CA


Weight Loss Bruce-Campbell, CA


Emotional Eating
Tricia-Burlingame, CA

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss
Nancy-San Jose, CA

Quit smoking

Quit Smoking
Sam-Burlingame, CA

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user_60_squareMargaret K.
San Jose, CA
Charles Beeson is an expert professional who really wants to help people. He enables you to understand your anxiety and….. read more

60s (1)Teymour T.
Detroit, MI
I went to Charles to help me quit smoking. I waited four weeks before giving my review……. read more

60s (2)Clay H.
San Jose, CA
Hypnosis is one of those things that you have to be willing for it work, to actually work….. read more

60sRissa R.
San Jose, CA
I went to his initial consultation. He was patient with me, understanding, and a great listener. He made me feel good about myself and…. read more

Maria A.
Sunnyvale, CA
I scheduled an appointment with Charles Benson on 6/14/2014. He did the hypnosis session to stop smoking…. read more

Ron U.
San Jose, CA
Charles was very professional and insightful. I’m looking forward to benefiting from the session. read more

user_60_squareRita C.
San Jose, CA
I have to start by saying I was a true skeptic of hypnosis until I had multiple anxiety attacks….. read more

user_60_squareD. N.
Sunnyvale, CA
I began seeing Charles to help me with constant anxiety and worry, often leading to panic attacks…… read more

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photokp maley
2 months ago

g5starMy son had extreme anxiety after being hit several times with the baseball, so much he could barely stand in the batters box. After 1 session with Charles he was relaxed and excited to play again. He hit the ball the first at bat back and couldn’t wait to get up again. If anything comes up again with my kids or myself we’ll be back for sure. Thank you so much. We are grateful for your service!

photo (1)Dana Johnson
a months ago

g5starJust two sessions and the urge to smoke was gone. Feels great to be smoke free. I had the PTSD session as well prior and what a huge difference it has made! Wish I knew about this years ago!

photo (2)Tina Johnson
8 months ago

g5starAfter much researching I found Charles and called him to see if he could help my son. My son’s test anxiety was extremely high and his self confidence gone. Charles explained to me how he works and that my son needed to contact him. Happily my son took the opportunity to see Charles. Better attitude, spring in his step and he just passed his major State Test. Thank You Charles Beeson

Molly Dyche
a year ago

g5starI highly recommend Charles for help with quitting smoking. I smoked a pack a day for 10 years and tried everything to quit before. Its been two weeks now with no relapse. I highly recommend InstaCalm. I can tell I’m really going to quit this time.

william c Cowart
3 years ago

g5starCharles Beeson help me with my anxiety problem with self confidence and focusing on studying and getting myself in positive state of being.I would like too thank him. He is very good. If you need help call him.

photo (2)Tom Levis
a years ago

g5starI can’t recommend Charles highly enough – he is very professional and his methods are extremely effective!

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“InstaCalm helped the Stanford Women’s Swim Team win the National Championship. It helped our athletes achieve their potential and maximize the mental side of their training.
“I recommend InstaCalm to anyone for stress reduction and performance enhancement. Results have been excellent.”

ncaa-96x96Charles Beeson & Richard Quick
InstaCalm® Wins, NCAA Championship

Richard Quick – Head Coach

lawerence1-96x96“I refer my patients to Charles Beeson. He achieves excellent results. I highly recommend his services!”

Lawrence Epstein, MD – Mountain View, CA