Charles R. Beeson, CHt
Charles R. Beeson, CHtCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Charles R. Beeson, CHt., has been in practice for over 27 years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a graduate of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Charles Beeson, CHt is a legal Alternative Healthcare Provider and has been certified in his training, knowledge, and competency by:

The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

The American Board of Hypnotherapy

The National Board of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology

Certified as a NLP Practitioner by the American Board of NLP

Time Line Therapy Practitioner by the Time Line Therapy Assoc.

Through a combination of individual and group sessions, Beeson has helped over 4,000 men and women quit smoking with hypnosis and remains one of the top experts in the Bay Area. He founded and served as Executive Director of Master Key Hypnosis, Inc. in San Jose, CA, from 1990 until 2000. This clinic grew to 3 locations and 26 employees offering programs for stress control, weight loss, and smoking cessation. Hundreds of clients in the South Bay have lost weight with the “Slender for Life” program that he created (

Founder & Executive Director of one of the largest hypnosis centers in California.

 Featured on TV Show, “Unsolved  Mysteries”
 Credited for helping Stanford Womens Swim Team win NCAA Championship
 Creator of the Slender for Life™ program
 Developed the “InstaCalm™” program for stress and anxiety relief.
 Helped over 3,700 Bay Area Smokers quit their habit
Woman Using Anxiety Hypnosis

In 1994 he created InstaCalm for controlling stress, anxiety & panic. In 1995 he was credited, by the coach, for helping the Stanford University Women’s Swim Team win the NCAA National Championship with InstaCalm. Today, he is the Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy and president of InstaCalm, Inc. in Cupertino, California. His most recent work focuses on alleviating stress, anxiety and symptoms of complaints that fail to respond to medical treatment with the methods he’s developed