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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that occurs when the critical & analytical mind is bypassed, mental focus is concentrated and the subconscious mind becomes receptive to conditioning, learning and suggestion.  (Hypnotic Therapeutics, James Braid 1853)

Most people enter a natually occuring state of hypnosis frequently…

 …Ever feel ZONED OUT ?

You are not asleep or unconscious. You are aware and in complete control.

 You feel very relaxed.

 You cannot be made to do anything against your will or divulge secrets.

 It’s completely safe.

Hypnosis was approved for use by the
American Medical Association in 1958.

It is now being offered at major universities and respected learning institutions across the country. Yale, Harvard and Stanford University offer studies about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis has applications in medicine, dentistry, psychology, obstetrics, counseling, law enforcement and virtually every area of education.

For over a centuriy it has been used for pain control, stress reduction and habit modification.

Practically everyone with a normal IQ and above can enjoy the benefits of hypnosis. Since all hypnosis is self hypnosis, your hypnotizability is often based upon your abilty to focus and follow the guidance of your hypnotherapist. Your results will be based on your attendance of sessions, your motivation to attain the objectives and following program guidelines. Hypnosis is fun, feels good, and is relaxing and beneficial.

Almost everyone experiences a light state of hypnosis several times throughout an average day. Driving long distances often puts us into a day dream state we call highway hypnosis. You drive your car subconsciously while your thoughts are somewhere else. If you’ve ever lost track of time while watching TV or listening to music you may have been in light hypnosis.  If you are overeating & eating too fast, you are in an eating trance.

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy

The process of using hypnosis in therapy is called hypnotherapy.  The use of hypnotherapy in stress reduction and pain management is quite popular. This is due to the very deep mental and physical state of relaxation that’s induced.

Hypnotherapy has long been known as a very effective art form to help modify habits and create new, positive behaviors.  This RE-LEARNING process is sometimes refered  to as “Cognitive Restructuring”. Hypnotherapy, that is specifically using language patterning to facilitate behavior modification is called Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy.

Recent studies suggest that Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy may be up to 70% more effective than cognitive behaioral therapy (CBT) alone. All of the InstaCalm Programs use Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy techniques, as well as, the MP3 hypnotic recordings.

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions vs Hypnotic Recordings

When time, cost and distance are factors, the InstaCalm Hypnosis downloads & CDs can be very effective. They utilize advanced hypnotic language patterning, compelling imagery, metaphor and proven motivational techniques. Private sessions will natuarally provide the best, overall results, since every aspect of individualized hypnotherapy is utilized, especially when theraputic intervention is required.

Most InstaCalm Hypnotherapy programs require the use of recordings to reinforce the therapy effectiveness at home,