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Here’s Exactly How to Change Your Thoughts… Beliefs… & Emotional Issues About:

  • Food

  • Exercise

  • Eating Habits

How Hypnosis Works To Lose Weight Fast…

Lose Desire for
Fattening Foods

stress eat

Increase Desire
to Exercise

Enjoy Exercise

STOP Stress &
Emotional Eating


Maintain with




Eat Smaller Portions

Portion Control

Charles Beeson, CHt. is one of the most
experienced weight loss hypnotherapists
in the United States

Charles Beeson, CHt. has been specializing in weight management for 27 years. From 1990 until 2000, he operated, Master Key Hypnposis, one of the largest weight loss hypnosis centers in the country, (Bascom Ave, San Jose, California).

hardbackstandingstraightCharles is a published author in the field of Behavioral Weight Loss Hypnosis for the treatment of obesity. Download FREE & Read his book, “The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss”. He reveals the reasons why many weight loss hypnosis programs fail.

Bashawn Overcomes Emotional Eating & Loses 35 lbs

“I’m Beshawn from San Francisco, California. I have struggeled with stress and emotional eating all of my life. I have eliminated my stress and emotional eating with InstaCalm and I have successfully lost 35 pounds so far.” “It really works!”
[*Individual results vary.]

Bruce Boyer Lost 40 LBS In 4 1/2 Months

I’m Bruce Boyer from Campbell, CA. I lost over 40 lbs in 4 1/2 months with Weight Loss Hypnosis and Charles Beeson.

Being overweight was hurting my life because I have severe arthritis in both my hips.  I like to be active and the weight has been impairing my activities. The weight loss has been great because I have not had the pain.

To change your weight you have to change your eating habits and your thinking.  I saw a noticable improvement in my food choices and portions immediately. I kept right on losing the weight.  [*Individual results vary.]

Tricia Eliminates Her Emotional Binge-Eating

“I’m Tricia from San Mateo, CA. Six weeks ago I used the InstaCalm Binge-Buster Program and COMPLETELY stopped my emotional binge-eating. I’ve already lost 10 plus pounds. It is amazing and I think anyone who suffers from emotional eating should get this product.” [*Individual results vary.]

Nancy Say’s, “I Couldn’t Do It Alone”

After my husband died, I gained a lot of weight. I couldn’t lose a pound on my own. I heard about hypnosis weight loss by Charles Beesonand that he did a good job. I went to him in March and lost 25 pounds. [*Individual results vary.]

Try Out Weight Loss Hyposis Risk Free

The effectiveness of this weight loss hypnosis program and your results, depends on many factors. These include your unique level of hypnotic susceptabilty and your following of program guidlines.

The use of a low calorie, low-fat diet, combined with increased physical activity,  will be emphasized, along with any recommendations from your personal medical doctor,

The use of hypnosis & hypnotherapy, to help increase your motivation to follow these, medically proven, weight loss guidlines, can only be measured, subjectivly.  Therefor, InstaCalm provides every individual an opportunity to try out the process with little, to NO Risk!

This is accomplished by providing low cost, hypnotic recordings through, Weight Loss Hypnosis Online™.

By listening to these, state-of-the-art, recordings at home, you are able to try-out the method.  These are offered with a 60 day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee

It is very possible to attain your ideal weight by just using this Online Program. Long-term maintenance is achieved through the self-managed practice of self hypnosis techniques. You are taught how to preform these techniques, during your private hypnotherapy sessions. A video tutorial is available, at NO Charge, that explains in detail, how this is accomplished.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your first, one-on-one, individualized InstaCalm® session, you may receive, upon request, a full refund of any monies paid before you leave the building.

Once you have completed the prepaid, individualized program that was recommended during your initial consultation, you will be provided additional sessions, at-no-cost, until you achieve your desired results.

Should you then ever require reinforcement, you may receive reinforcement (limited to one session per month), FREE of Charge, for as long as our doors are open.