Stress Relief with the InstaCalm® Relaxation System™ Can Give You The Ultimate Calm-Confidence You Need! 

Workplace Stress Help
  • Experience Signifiant Stress Reduction After 1st Session
  • Increase Calm-Confidence in a Few Weeks
  • Perfect Workplace Stress Solution
  • Recordings Provided For Reinforcement

*Individual results vary

42% of adults and 52% of teenagers feel stress is impacting their health and happiness. Harris Polls

Stress Relief, Stress Management and Stress Reduction techniques are becoming necessary survivor skills. Workplace stress, finances, and other life pressures can become overwhelming. We can respond with what’s referred to as the fearful, “flight-or-fight response as our blood stream becomes flooded with adrenalin and cortisol. This “stressful condition” destroys our careers, relationships, health and overall quality of life.


When we cannot change the cause of stress, we need to change the way we respond to our stressors. Talking with friends, family and others in our support network can be an important first step in dealing with our problems.  Professional counselors have been highly trained in helping you through psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.  These can be effective.  They can also take many sessions and may result in only partial stress relief.

Exercise and meditation can also be great de-stressors, as well as, fewer trips to the coffee shop.

An ideal, comprehensive program would provide:

  1. Immediate techniques in relaxation.

  2. Modification of your perception of stressors for calmness.

  3. Increase your self confidence & productivity.

  4. Improve your stress coping skills.

  5. Learn methods to alleviate anxiety and worry.

A program of this capacity could take months of training and therapy, costing thousands of dollars.

Now, its possible to achieve this within just three weeks!* 

The InstaCalm Stress Relief System™
can deliver great results…
*Individual results vary

The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique Can Turn-Off Stress like a Light-Switch

You are taught how to place yourself into a deep state of relaxation in seconds (using self-hypnosis) and re-emerge calm, mentally alert and focused, one minute later. (*Results Vary)

Imagine a new life of calm-confidence!

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