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How to Quit Smoking in San Jose Quickly & Easily with Hypnosis Without Side Effects Or Anxiety
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*Results Vary

This program, developed by Charles R. Beeson, CHt., in San Jose California, has been used since 1990, by over 4,000 Silicon Valley & Bay Area smokers to end their smoking habit. Many of these successful EX-SMOKERS stopped with:

InstaCalm Stop Smoking Solution™

No Anxiety
No Weight Gain
No Withdrawal
*Individual  Results Vary 4000StopSmoking
Click to Download FREE Report “HOW to Prepare to Easily Quit Smoking”

  • Quit smoking easily, so you can kick the habit with less anxiety and SUCCESSFULLY get through your”letting-go” process!  *Results Vary
  • You stop smoking in 1 hour, to quickly have more energy and stop coughing to improve your health.  *Results Vary

  • Save Money… so you’re able to buy the things you really want for a better life.  *Results Vary

  • Learn how to perform the InstaCalm Relaxation Technique, so you’re able to enjoy a deeply relaxed body & mind to better deal with life’s stressful curve balls, and NOT return to smoking.  *Results Vary

  • Extra focus on eating healthy and not overeating, so you don’t gain weight and replace one problem with another. *Results Vary

If your smoking is strickly out of habit, its possible that hypnosis can cancel your desire to smoke at your first session.

This is typically a 2 session program. If you require more sessions to be successful, they’re included for no-extra-cost. If your smoking is primarily a means to cope with stress, stressful memories and anxiety, this program is PERFECT FOR YOU!

The primary reasons why smokers backslide and fail to remain non-smokers are stress and anxiety.

The InstaCalm Stop Smoking Solution is a more comprehensive way to quit smoking because it includes a special emphasis in coping with stress and anxiety, AS WELL AS, DESENSITIZING STRESSFFUL MEMORIES!

You can become and remain a non-smoker.
*Individual results may vary.

Personalized Approach

The InstaCalm ™ quit smoking method is tailor made to fit your life style requirements in personalized private hypnotherapy sessions. It emphasizes defining and modifying your emotional triggers and habit patterns that have made quitting difficult in the past.

During a follow-up session, you will be hypnotically taught new skills for responding to stress and anxiety. Your motivation to remain free of nicotine can be dramatically magnified. You can receive a maximum degree of physical and emotional comfort during the habit cancellation process.

Your program includes self hypnosis, audio MP3 recordings to reinforce your results and insure success.

Written Guarantee

Although human behavior cannot be guaranteed, you will receive a service guarantee that states. “If you ever go back to your habit again, for ANY REASON, you may return for additional hypnotherapy (limit of one session per month) at no extra charge, for as long as our doors are open.

If you fail to attain hypnosis at your first session, your money will be refunded before you leave the building.” *Results vary


Located in the Heart of Silicon Valley and San Jose

Centrally located in San Jose, on Bascom Ave. near Fruitdale Ave. The InstaCalm™ office is within 15 minutes of Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Milpitas and Campbell.

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