Presenting With Confidence  

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Get The Presenting with Confidence Program & Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking Fast!

  • Appear to Others More Calm & Collected 
  • End Nervousness Before and During Your Talk
  • Alleviate Fear of Being Judged by Others
  • Rocket Your Career & Income
  • Replace Anxiety with Calm-Confidence

* Results Vary

How Does InstaCalm Work?

InstaCalm gives you the ultimate tools to defeat the fear of public speaking in the fastest amount of time! *

InstaCalm uses naturaly safe, cognitive hynotherapy and advancd NLP Techniques that can achieve quick, conditioning of your subconscious mind to feel: CALM - CONFIDENT & IN-CONTROL ^

This 5 step program is conducted in either 3, 4 or 5 hourly sessions in our SanJose Office. The number of sessions is determined by the severity of your speaking anxiety.

Best of all? InstaCalm helps you present with greater confidence the very next day, after your very first session. Click below to get started. *

*Results Vary

Where You Can Use the InstaCalm Techniques

  •  Sales Presentations 
  • Technical Prsentations
  •  Round-Table Discussions
  •  Weekly Project Meetings
  •  Private MeetingsPrivate

  •  Job Interviews
  •  Performance Reviews
  •  Important Teleconferences
  •  Private Meetings
  • Large Event Public Speeches

  •  Speaking engagements
  •  Classroom Presentations 
  •  Teaching & Training
  •  Social Events
  •  In-person conversations

Group Sales Testimonial * Results Vary 


Law Student Testimonial - Santa Clara, CA * Results Vary 


5 Step Program

Step 1. Alleviate Anticipatory Anxiety You learn a technique in your first InstaCalm Session that helps you "Let-Go" of the anxiety and nervousness the night before... the morning of... and minutes before... you begin to present to a group or speak in a discussion. *Results Vary 

Step 2. Trigger a feeling of CALMNESS & CONFIDENCE... seconds before you begin to speak. *Results Vary

Step 3. Super-charge your self-confidence. Transform self-limiting beliefs of, "I'm not good enough!", into a powerful self image of EXPERT CREDIBILITY! *Results Vary

Step 4. Alleviate the fear of being judged or critiqued by colleagues and management. *Results Vary 

Step 5. Learn to execute a "performance strategy", that commands respect and wins over your audience. *Results Vary  

Your Trainer & Couch

Charles Beeson, CHt.

  •  Board Certified Hypnotherapist
  •  In Practice 28 years
  •  Creator of InstaCalm
  •  American Board of Hypnotherapy
  •  American Board of NLP 
Charles Beeson, Cht Hypnotherapist

Money Back -Satisfaction Guarantee  

Should for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your first InstaCalm Session, you will pay nothing. And, any monies paid will be refunded. No questions askd! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About InstaCalm

How soon will I see results?  

Almost, all of our clients are able to present with greater confidence immediately after the first training session.

How much time will this require?

You are required to listen to a 20 to 30 miute recording every morning. Your weekly sessions at the InstaCalm office are one hour. 

What if I cannot be hypnotized? 

Almost everyone can use and get results with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You will be tested completely for your hypnotic susceptabilty at the first session. Should you not be hypnotizable you will not be charged and the results of our testing will be obvious to you.

What happens if I complete the number of recommended sessions for my anxiety level and I am stil feelng nervous?

You will be provided additional sessions at no charge until your fear is gone and your anxiety level is normal.