Medical Hypnotherapy SymbolMedical Hynotherapy refers to the use of hypnosis to alleviate the symptoms of a medical problem. It is a practice that is considered to be complimentary and completely adjuctive to medical treatment overseen by a physician.

Hynotherapy has shown to be very helpful in alleviating uncomfortable symptoms of many disorders and diseases where stress exacerbates symptoms.  It has also shown considerable effectiveness in the area of pain management.

Charles Beeson, CHt, is a practitioner of medical hypnotherapy and receives referals from MDs for his services. He is registered and certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.  He performs his treatments as a Complimentary Alternative Healthcare Professional under California SB-577.

In most cases a written statement or prescription is obtained from the patient’s physician that confirms that the person is under the care of that M.D. and that it is the opinion of that doctor that there would be nothing indicated to prevent the use of hypnotherapy for that patient.

Pain & Suffering Creates Stress and Anxiety

When illness is prolonged and/or the prognosis is unknown or terminal, a great deal of patient fear can become overwhelming.  The InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Program can be helpful.  The InstaCalm Relaxation Technique is taught to every client using medical hypnotherapy with Charles Beeson, CHt.

The following Hypnotherapy Treatments are available:

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