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InstaCalm Hypnosis Provides Anxiety Help & Treatment, in San Jose, California, using Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy  to:

  • Help End Anxious-Nervous Worry*
  • Stop Panic & Anxiety Attacks*
  • Quickly Alleviate Fears & Phobias*
  • Overcome Stressful Memories*
  • Let Go of Anxious Thoughts*
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Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy has overwhelming evidence to be considered one of the the most effective help & treatment for anxiety.

This type of anxiety help & treatment is used by the InstaCalm Program.  It is usually conducted in just…

  • 3 hours for Mild Anxiety
  • 4 hours for Moderate Anxiety
  • 5 hours for Severe Anxiety

Your anxiety severity level is based upon the InstaCalm Anxiety Rating Test.  This is NOT a psychological test, but rather, a unique indicator that matches the progressive steps of the InstaCalm anxiety help & treatment.

More than 50% of anxiety symptoms are often gone after the first InstaCalm session. *Individual results can vary.

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Anxiety is a fear based emotion about a future event that you are unable to imagine completing successfully.

Anxiety is also used to describe the fearful, anxious feeling a person experiences when thinking about any internal, physical sensation (real or imagined),  or external situation, object or person (real or imagined).

How Anxiety Hypnosis Works to Alleviate Anxiety Symptoms

Hypnosis is a natural stateof mind. Almost everyone experiences a light state of hypnosis frequently throughout the day.  

Woman Using Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety Hypnosis creates a state of heightened suggestibility that improves and facilitates the learning of new behaviors.

As this occurs, the critical & analytical part of the mind becomes partially by-passed.  This process temporarily turns-off the cognitive thoughts that can create apprehension and self-doubt.

Through this process, anxiety relief self-help techniques can be more quickly learned AND the 3 Key Ojectives to Ending Anxiety may be achieved. These 3 objectives are:

  1. Calming the Nervous System
  2. Changing the minds perception of what is triggering the fearful threat(s).
  3. Improving Self-Confidence

It is NORMAL for everyone to experience a mild form of anxiety on a regular basis. This GOOD anxiety keeps us motivated to accomplish our obligations and routine activities.

The simple fear of the negative consequences of failing to behave responsibly, helps get us up in the morning and get to work or class on-time.

This kind of anxiety can keep us alert to danger, push us to action and problem solving. These forms of stressful feelings are needed to function in society.

When the intensity of anxiety affects our quality of life and relationships, we need to obtain help or support. There is an abundance of self-help solutions on the Internet.

Anxiety help can be acquired from self education, talking with trusted friends or loved ones, and from the many types of therapies available here in California.

Anxiety InformationTYPES OF ANXIETY

Worry about an event that will or might occur in the future is probably the most common form of anxiety.

This fearful uncertainty can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. It can make you quick to anger and become sad and depressed over time.

Physical tension may lead to chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and many other forms of physical discomfort.

Anxiety creates a stress that can affect the immune system and one’s health. It is often about a specific worry, such as a job interview or giving a presentation.  Fear of Public Speaking, flying and driving are very common sources of anxiety.

Basic worry can also be about several specific future events, making this common form of anxiety seem more extreme.

Generalized Anxiety (GAD) is a disorder that is a nearly constant worry and fear that something bad is going to occur regarding health, employment, finances, etc. It is an extreme form of pessimism and negative thinking and can last 6 months to a lifetime. 

GAD often has a genetic component and can cycle in severity over the years. Stressful events usually bring it on at the inception and can trigger the recurrence of symptoms. 

It also can appear in physical symptoms, such as, insomnia, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, and other health related problems. Individuals with Generalized Anxiety may also suffer from other issues like depression and alcoholism.

Social Anxiety is a fear of interacting with others in social situations.  This is often described as having poor self confidence.  The cause of social anxiety is usually a fear of rejection by others, being judged by others or critiqued.

A person with social anxiety will avoid parties and gatherings. They will experience significant stress  when attending, anticipating attending or just receiving an invitation to a social event.

They appear to be very shy and often become a home-body recluse, resulting in a condition called Agoraphobia.

OTHER DISORDERs related to Anxiety can often be caused by Trauma in the manifestation of Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).  Anxiety may also cause an intense, physical reaction in the form of Panic Attacks.


The most common anxiety help & treatment therapies for Anxiety are:

•  Psychotherapy (results taking many sessions and sometimes years).

•  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, used most frequently, today, by the licensed mental health community, (12 to 24 sessions for achieving the most effective results).

•  Exposure Therapy is desenitization by repetitive discussion and imagery of the cause of the anxiety (can be emotional torture).

•  Anxiety Hypnosis combined with NLP (about 8 sessions)

•  InstaCalm Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy:  (3 to 5 sessions)

The InstaCalm® Anxiety Relief Program is an effective treatment that uses a system of 5 proven steps with Cognititive Behavioral Hypnotherapy, NLP + Time Line Therapy®. InstaCalm combines the best anxiety relief self-help techniques and anxiety hypnosis.

*Individual Results Vary. Not recommended for Severe OCD.

InstaCalm can be an effective solution for:

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Flying 

Fear of Driving

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“It boggles my mind, how in just 4 sessions – I feel calm… I feel no sadness at all… after struggling 16 years with doctors and medications… I finally feel ALIVE again!”       *Results Vary

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“InstaCalm® took away my anxiety and pain. Now, I function normally in everyday life!”    *Results Vary

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“My doctor referred me to Charles. In 3 weeks, his InstaCalm® Program lifted my depression, anxiety, stress and anger after having seen therapists for years… ”    *Results Vary

Jackie – San Jose, CA

“I was suffering with Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorders. It was gone after just 2 InstaCalm® Sessions!”    *Results Vary

Jose – San Jose, CA

“I had been Gang Raped as a child and suffered with anxiety and panic attacks all my life. After 5 InstaCalm® Sessions… I can SMILE AGAIN!”    Results Vary

Amanda – Fremont, CA

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